Introduction to Pilates

Pilates are basically an exercise plan or physical fitness system and an intelligent workout system that was developed by a man named Joseph Pilates. This exercise can be used to ensure balanced development of the body through core strength, body flexibility, as well as awareness for efficient movement. Pilates is very important because it works very well for a wide range of people such as dancers, athletes, and everyone else, especially those with general and rehabilitative needs. The Pilates method of exercise in addition to the ordinary method of exercise, is an important method of treatment and prevention of injury to body ligaments during sports or any other kind of strenuous exercise.

How it Works

Pilates as any other kind of exercise, is a type of workout that mainly targets the core muscles of the body, as well as integrating the body, mind and soul. Pilates focuses to lengthen and strengthen the whole body system. There various essentials of Pilate exercises such as follows;

Exercise Focus:

This helps in mobilizing the spine whereby each segment in the vertebra is moved segmentally.Start positions: These are the basic positions one needs to set the body such as standing upright: It is very important for one to stand upright or against a wall with hips width apart and to find the neutral pelvis. It is also important to inhale, which lengthens the spine.When you exhale, it helps to gently draw your navel back to your spine, and start with a small nod of the head. You can also draw your chin towards your spine, whereas maintaining your abdominal connection.Technical points: This mainly focuses on the shoulders. Your shoulders should be relaxed as well as your arms. Knees should also be relaxed or made soft to take pressure off the lower back. Abdominals should also be engaged throughout the entire exercise as they support the lower back. You can also do repetitions while doing roll-downs on a mat.

Contraindications: You can also do this exercise, but you need to avoid it with any lower-back injuries or problems.

Visualizations: These are several assumptions that you can make for your body to curve such as; your body melting like chocolate, or even your spine revolving like a water wheel.

Fundamentals: Things to ConsiderCorrect standing posture: Ensure to have a correct standing posture for normal spine curves and the pelvis to be in neutral position. An imaginary line is assumed to pass;- From the head to the centre of the ear;- From head to middle of shoulders;- Posterior to hip joint- Through center of malleolus to ankle.

Flat back posture:-

The head should be bent slightly forward- Cervical spine needs to be slightly extended- Increased khyposis on thoracic spine- Flattening of lumbar spine- Stretching of hamstrings and pectorals- The core stabilizers of the body such as triceps, quadriceps are strengthened.

Lordosis Posture

This is where the cervical spine is extended;- Increase of forward curve for the thoracic spine.- The lordotic curve is increased with the pelvis tilted which helps in the lumbar spine.- Stretching of various body segments such as; lliopsoas, hip flexors, erector spines, quadriceps, short adductors.


This is a curvature of the spine with a degree of rotation. It occurs at any section of the spine, although more commonly in the thoracic region. Curves formed are such as ‘C’ or ‘S’ curves from birth. Postural scoliosis: This is due to bad or poor posture and can be corrected or fixed only by strengthening and stretching exercises to reduce the intensity.Pros and Cons- Effective body exercise and workouts for the development of body muscles and joints as well as integration of the mind, body and soul.- The body is more protected and shielded from injury through the workouts and exercises.- Strengthening and stretching of body joints and segments to prevent muscle-pulls and body curves.- The exercise is price effective or pocket-friendly. It can also be done by anyone. – Improves body posture and balanceCons- The exercises are not very effective for weight loss, as this needs more strenuous exercises such as running or swimming.- Exercises need to be done very carefully or precisely to obtain excellent results.

Pilates are very important exercises or body workouts as seen in the article as they help in various body health and development such as better body balance, weight loss and posture as well as disease prevention. However it is very important to follow the regulations provided.